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Wideband LNB for sky q Freesat 4k g3 box fits MK4 zone 1 or 2 satellite dish UK

Wideband LNB for sky q Freesat 4k g3 box fits MK4 zone 1 or 2 satellite dish UK

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Wideband LNB suitable for SKY Q, FREESAT4K RECORDABLE BOXES - fits all MK4 ZONE 1 or 2 Satellite dishes.

Wideband LNBs were previously only used for Sky Q systems. They feature two separate outputs, one for VERTICAL polarised frequencies and one for HORIZONTAL polarized frequencies.

Wideband LNB are designed to oscillate signals down to a frequency of about 300Mhz.  The use of separate cables to provide separate channels and the extra available bandwidth means there is no need for LNB switching to access all the channels.

This is how Freesat UHD 4k models offer four tuners with only two cables being connected giving you the ability to record more than two programmes at a time.

PLEASE CHECK COMPATIBILITY BEFORE PURCHASE - If you are unsure please ask us, we will be happy to help

Please note - the LNB you receive may differ slightly to picture shown dependant on current stock. Rest assured , ALL the lnbs we stock are fully approved for use in the UK and fully compatiable with SKY Q and the latest generation FREESAT 4K Recordable receivers and are the exact same ones used by professional tradesmen and the leading UK Satellite company.


  • LEVEL: The LNB has a smalll spirit level built into the collar to aid you to get the skew of the satellite dish level.
  • Pre-fitted collar: The collar is pre fitted for ease to fit straight onto any MK4 zone 1 or zone 2 satellite dish
  • Two outputs: One for HORIZONTAL frequencies and One for Vertical Frequencies.  Both outputs must be connected to the same receiver.


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