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WEBRO RG6 Satellite Digital TV Aerial Coax Cable

WEBRO RG6 Satellite Digital TV Aerial Coax Cable

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You are buying your choice of length and colour of WEBRO RG6 COAX CABLE.  Clips can be included, please make your choice from the drop down menus.

Webro is a name that contractors, installers and the industry trust when it comes to manufacturing cables, so webro tends to be cable of choice over others.

We recommend this cable for all satellite, aerial, and cable TV applications.
This cable can be used for satellite and aerial cabling, as well as for general aerial extension when moving equipment.
 A tough PVC outer sheath makes the cable suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

RG6 cable from Webro has a standard diameter of 6.55 (± 0.30mm) and this coax cable consists of a 1.00mm solid copper clad steel conductor,
foam polyethylene dielectric,aluminium foil tape, an aluminium wire braid and sheathed overall in PVC.  This means it has excellent sheilding properties.

This is not a cheap imitation cable. The cable is precisely the same cable used by reputable satellite and aerial installers.
 Original Webro cable will have the brand name printed on it. Cables that do not have the name printed will not be Webro cables.

7mm  round cable clips can also be opionally added. The cable clips are high quality with masonry nails fitted for securing the cable to external brickwork where required.

We also sell connectors suitable for this cable, you will find them in our connectors sections.
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