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6mm Red Wall Plugs and Screws Uno Multipurpose

6mm Red Wall Plugs and Screws Uno Multipurpose

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Universal Uno Multipurpose Red Rawl Plugs with Screws

These plug and screws packs are ideal for fastening wall shelves, curtain poles and many more uses around the house. 
They are also used in the trade for fastening electrical boxes to interior or exterior walls.
These are the best all rounder screws and plugs - the trade industry standard.
Never worry about not having the correct matching screw and plug.

Perfect for
  • Fitting Shelves,
  • Electrical fittings,
  • cable trays
  • Lighting,
  • Curtain Poles,
  • bathroom fittings.

Uno - the plug for any wall. Expands at the top to give instant grip. Anti-rotation features prevent spinning in the hole.

  • Suitable for Concrete, Brickwork, Stone, Blockwork & Plasterboard
  • The UNO 6mm Rawl plug is made by the industry leader Rawlplug and is a truly universal plug that fixes into any base material, solid or hollow.
  • You will need to drill a 6mm hole with the appropriate drill bit.
  • Recommended for unknown substrates and exploited holes.
  • Unique geometry guarantees maximum expansion and grip.
  • Anti-rotation features prevent spinning in the hole
  • Assurance of proper anchoring derived from the unique split design of the plug
  • Lip prevents plug slipping into over-sized holes
The supplied matching screw is 4.5x40mm perfect for various projects and jobs around the house.

Please note the screws and plugs will be supplied loose inside a zip lock bag.
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