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Screwdriver-Interchangeable (2-IN-1) - Stubby Slotted & Pozi

Screwdriver-Interchangeable (2-IN-1) - Stubby Slotted & Pozi

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Upgrade your toolbox with our Screwdriver-Interchangeable (2-IN-1) – a compact and versatile hand tool designed for efficiency and convenience. This innovative screwdriver features both slotted and Pozi (PH2) screwdriver bits, offering a two-in-one solution for all your fastening needs. With a simple flip, you can effortlessly switch between the cross and slotted bits, streamlining your work and eliminating the hassle of carrying multiple screwdrivers.


The bi-colour design not only adds a touch of style but also serves a practical purpose, making it easy to identify the type of bit in use. Crafted with a comfortable grip, this screwdriver ensures a secure hold, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. The 6.5cm length and lightweight 50g design make it an ideal companion for various applications, from household tasks to hobby and education projects.


Constructed from high-quality chrome vanadium, our 2-IN-1 screwdriver is built to withstand the demands of daily use. The chrome-plated surface treatment enhances durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring a long lifespan for this essential tool.



  • Product Weight: 50g
  • Screwdriver Size: PH2/SL6, Length 6.5cm
  • Material: Chrome Vanadium
  • Surface Treatment: Chrome Plated
  • Single Packing: Polybag



 This Screwdriver-Interchangeable is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Domestic: Perfect for everyday household tasks and repairs.
  • Hobby & Education: Ideal for various DIY projects and educational activities.
  • Mechanical: A reliable tool for mechanical tasks and projects.
  • Maintenance & Repair: Essential for maintenance work and repairs around the home or workshop.

Add versatility and efficiency to your toolkit with the Screwdriver-Interchangeable (2-IN-1) – the perfect solution for all your fastening needs. Order now and experience the convenience of a single tool that does it all.

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