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Satellite Cable Connectors F type connector twist screw on for WF65 CT63 TWIN SKY CABLE - PACK 10

Satellite Cable Connectors F type connector twist screw on for WF65 CT63 TWIN SKY CABLE - PACK 10

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Loose connectors have long been a persistent issue, leading to potential signal leakage and interference. These F Connectors provide an ideal solution, especially for cables with a 4mm diameter. Their weather-resistant design makes them perfect for outdoor cable connections, ensuring reliable performance. Additionally, these connectors are resistant to corrosion and normal wear, guaranteeing durability both indoors and outdoors.

 Impeccable Manufacturing Standards

 The F Plug connector is specifically designed to attach to standard satellite or coaxial cables, allowing easy connection to devices like Sky or Virgin boxes. With nickel plated contacts, these connectors offer improved connectivity and can be effortlessly screwed onto the cable.

 Features of Twist-On "F" Connectors

 ✓ Compatible with all twin type coaxial cables

✓ User-friendly coaxial cable connectors

✓ No crimping tool required

✓ Terminates cables precisely where needed

✓ Twist-on 4mm connector

✓ Effortlessly assembles cables or replaces damaged plugs

✓ Ideal for connecting Freesat/Ariel antenna to a TV set

 The F coax connector is a widely used RF connector for "over the air" cable television, satellite television, and cable modems. It is typically used with CT63 cable or WF65/63 cable.

 Replace Damaged Plugs

 Easily connect cables or replace broken plugs with these coaxial cable F connectors, suitable for twin cables with an outer diameter ranging from 4mm to 4.6mm such as WF65 CT63 OR HT63 . They are designed to terminate coaxial cables at custom lengths, catering to your specific wiring requirements.


  • Enhanced Compatibility: The Twist on F Connector is designed specifically for seamless connection with Sky HD & Sky Q digital satellite receivers, TV, cable boxes, Freesat, and antenna cable systems. Additionally, its centre pin ensures resistance to corrosion.
  • Optimal F Connector Diameter: The F Plug Connectors feature a 4mm internal diameter, preventing sharp bends in the cable that could potentially reduce its lifespan or result in a poor-quality signal.
  • Superior Quality: These F-connectors are constructed with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, guaranteeing a smooth and consistent seal. This reduces signal leakage and prevents moisture penetration, ensuring maximum signal reliability and performance. You can trust these connectors to maintain picture and sound quality without any loss.
  • Convenient Removability: The connectors can be easily removed by hand, allowing you to reposition them if needed, such as for wall penetration or cable resizing. With 8 included F-type connectors, you can effortlessly connect existing cables to relocate your Sky or Freesat box.
  • Effortless Installation:  F-type connectors simplify the installation process. They enable you to strip the cable as usual and connect it with a simple twist-on mechanism, eliminating the need for special crimp pliers.


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