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RJ45 Crimper Pass Through Ratchet Crimping Tool Cat5e Cat6 +RJ45 CABLE TESTER

RJ45 Crimper Pass Through Ratchet Crimping Tool Cat5e Cat6 +RJ45 CABLE TESTER

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RJ45 Pass Through install Kit
10 x CAT6 passthrough rj45 connectors,

1 x Inbrackets RJ45 Crimping Tool

and one Network Cable Tester


With our Push Through Crimping Tool  you can fit an RJ45  plug in under 60 seconds.

Simply organise your cores, push them right through the plug, crimp and then the crimp tool will simply slice off the excess.

This unique way of attaching an RJ45 plug means making network cables is quicker and more cost effective than ever before.

All you need is a bag of Push Through connectors and a Push Through crimp tool .Save hours fault finding mis-crimps.

the RJ45 crimp tool is compatible with standard and push through connectors, trimming the cable as it crimps.

In addition to this feature, it also strips and cuts cable giving you one tool with all the functions you would need to fit a CAT 5e OR CAT 6 connector plug

Key Features

  • Easy to see wire order
  • No worry about wire length in crimp
  • Saves hours on big jobs

Network Cable Tester RJ45 Ethernet Cable Tester for Lan RJ45 RJ11 Cable

This is an essential tool for the professional and diy enthusiast alike, who needs to quickly test the integrity of network or telephone cables.

The rj45 Cable Tester is a comprehensive cable tester for network cables,use to check the short circuit,crossover and open circuit status in cat5 cat6 cat5e cables.  It can also be used to check rj11/rj12 cables.

The LAN cable tester can test both  RJ11 telephone cable and RJ45 network cables such as RJ45 Cat5 Cat6 Cat7.

The perfect kit for testing your network rj45 cat5 cat6 or cat7 cables and RJ11 Cables

You will receive one RJ45 Crimping tool and one Cable Testing Tool and 10x cat6 RJ45 connectors.

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