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Efficient 24-Hour Mechanical Plug-in Timer with LED

Efficient 24-Hour Mechanical Plug-in Timer with LED

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Efficient 24-Hour Mechanical Plug-in Timer with LED


  • Precise 24-Hour Programming: Easily set your devices to turn on or off at specific times throughout the day, providing convenience and energy savings.


  • 15-Minute Time Slices: Fine-tune your schedule with 15-minute intervals, allowing for precise control over your connected appliances and lighting.


  • 48x On/Off Programs: Create up to 48 individual programs to automate your devices, making it ideal for daily and weekly routines.


  • LED Indicator: The built-in LED indicator provides a visual cue of the timer's status, ensuring you always know when your devices are scheduled to operate.


  • BS5733 Compliance: Our timer is designed to meet BS5733 safety standards, providing peace of mind and safety assurance for your home and appliances.


  • High Power Rating: With a rating of 230V AC, 13A, and a maximum load capacity of 2,990W, this timer can handle a wide range of electrical appliances and devices in your home.




Cleverly automate your home with our 24-Hour Mechanical Plug-in Timer with LED. This versatile timer allows you to effortlessly schedule your devices with 15-minute precision using its 48 programmable On/Off slots. The convenient LED indicator ensures you're always in control, while its compliance with BS5733 safety standards guarantees peace of mind. With a robust 2,990W power rating, it's the perfect solution for energy savings and home automation.

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