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Coaxial Aerial TV Cable Repair Joiner - Quick fix

Coaxial Aerial TV Cable Repair Joiner - Quick fix

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Coaxial Aerial TV Cable Joiner Repair Coupler extender Adaptor for Most types of Coax Cable

This COAX cable joiner is used for easy and rapid joining of coax cables without the need for specialist connectors, coax plugs, or soldering.

The Inbrackets cable joiner is suitable for most coax types 6mm-8mm in diameters such as RG6, WF100, CB10R, CT100, and others. The joiner can be used with both aerial and satellite coaxial cables.

Available in various sized packs.

It is important when joining a coax cable to maintain the screen and minimize the connection points. This neat joiner box does all that and is very easy to install. The joiner can be used indoors and outdoors although we do recommend covering the joiner in tape if using outdoors.

Simple to use.

1.Pull the joiner apart and push caps over the cable ends.

2. Strip off the cable, it is very important to push back all the braiding and ensure no braid is touching the center core of the cable

3. insert cable on either side of the internal terminal connection and tighten.

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