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Automatic Wire Stripper Cutter - Self-Adjusting Electrical Cable Tool

Automatic Wire Stripper Cutter - Self-Adjusting Electrical Cable Tool

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Professional Automatic Wire Stripper Cutter - Self-Adjusting Electrical Cable Tool


 Upgrade your wire-stripping game with our Professional Automatic Wire Stripper Cutter – the must-have tool for electricians, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike. This dual-function wonder is designed to effortlessly strip and cut wires, both flat and round, offering versatility and precision in one handy device.

Key Features:

Self-Adjusting Versatility: Our wire stripper features a self-adjusting mechanism that adapts to wires of varying sizes, making it ideal for a wide range of electrical projects. No need to fumble with manual adjustments; this tool takes care of it all.

Clean and Consistent Cuts: Equipped with an integrated cutting tool, this wire stripper ensures you achieve clean and precise cuts every time. The strong steel blade guarantees durability and consistency in your cutting needs.

Wide Stripping Range: Whether you're working with delicate 0.5mm² wires or robust 6mm² cables, this tool can handle it all. It can even strip 8mm wide flat cables with ease. The adjustable stop ensures uniform wire lengths for your specific project requirements.

Easy Insulation Thickness Adjustment: A user-friendly dial lets you change the blade pressure to match different insulation thicknesses effortlessly, so you can strip wires with confidence.

Durable and Lightweight: Crafted with a strong steel handle and blade, this wire stripper is built to last. Its lightweight design ensures ease of use and portability, making it the perfect addition to your toolbox.

Replaceable Blades: When the blade eventually needs replacement due to extended use, you can conveniently swap it out, ensuring the longevity of your tool.

Stripping Capacity: This wire stripper is compatible with a wide range of wire sizes, covering 20AWG to 10AWG, making it versatile for various electrical projects.

Please note that you may receive either a red or blue tool, depending on our current stock availability. Rest assured that both variations offer the same outstanding performance and quality.

Upgrade your wire-stripping experience and achieve professional-grade results with the Professional Automatic Wire Stripper Cutter. Make your electrical projects more efficient, accurate, and enjoyable. Order yours now!

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