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Sky Q Main Box Wall Mount Bracket (1tb / 2tb)

Sky Q Main Box Wall Mount Bracket (1tb / 2tb)

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A strong, robust black steel wall mount made in the UK suitable for The Sky Q 1tb and some models of 2tb.
Clear up your cable clutter around the TV and keep your living room neat and presentable with our updated design wall mount for the premium Sky Q Main box
New design For Sky Q Box both 1tb and some 2tb models
Thanks to our customer feedback, we have updated the design of our wall mount to enable the cables to be inserted both ways.
This allows more flexibility when choosing the location of the wall bracket and provides easy access to the cables too.
Quick and easy to install Sky Q box wall mount
You will receive all of the fixings you need with your purchase to install your wall mount on the wall.
Easy Quick install with the included Self Adhesive Strip or if you prefer Screws & wall plugs are also  included for quick installation too.
Please note, this item contains the Sky Q wall mount only and not the Sky Q  Box itself.
Please note this will only fit the 1tb and some of the 2tb boxes ,please check compatibilty chart before purchase.

Features & details SKY Q Main box WALL MOUNT - a black steel wall mount suitable for the 1tb box model which has an updated, sleek design with the extra feature of being multi-directional.
This allows the Sky Q Box to mount both ways, with easy cable access and full flexibility when rotating or choosing the installation location.
STRONG DURABLE MATERIALS - made in the UK from strong, durable black steel, this skybox wall mount will last for years and hold your Sky Q box securely to the wall when installed correctly.
This is not cheap 3d printed like the others you may see for sale.
CLUTTER FREE SKY Q WALL MOUNT - hide the unsightly cable clutter around your TV with this modern designed sky box wall mount. Using this wall bracket will not affect the access, aesthetics or functionality of your Sky Q box providing good air circulation for your equipment which supports good wifi signal too
EASY TO INSTALL SKY Q WALL MOUNT - all screws and wall fixings are supplied with the purchase of your Sky Q box wall mount. All instructions are supplied for a quick and easy, secure fixing of your Sky Q wall mount
SPACE SAVING ORGANISATION - this Wall bracket Mount allows you to mount your device on the wall to eliminate the need for a bulky media cabinet or shelf. A modern, stylish answer to save space and keep your living room tidy and clutter-free BUY NOW and keep your TV area clutter-free with this top quality, black steel Sky Q wall mount! BUY NOW and keep your TV area clutter-free with this top quality, black steel Sky Q wall mount!
The UK made quality steel product, not cheap 3D plastic printed.

Please note you are not buying a SKY Q  box, just the wall steel bracket.
Sky, Sky Q, Sky Q Mini, Sky Q Booster, Sky Q Hub are trademarks owned by the Sky group of companies. We have no affiliation with the SKY group of companies.
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