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Cable Access Kit 10 Piece 300mm - Essential Tools for Wire and Cable Management

Cable Access Kit 10 Piece 300mm - Essential Tools for Wire and Cable Management

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Make cable installation and maintenance a breeze with our 10 Piece 300mm (11in) Cable Access Kit. This comprehensive set of tools is designed to help you effortlessly access wires and cables concealed beneath floorboards, inside ceiling ducts, within trunking, and inside wall cavities. Say goodbye to frustrating cable management challenges and hello to convenient, efficient solutions.


Key Features:

🔧 EASY ACCESS: This versatile kit empowers you to tackle cable-related tasks with confidence. Whether you're a professional electrician or a DIY enthusiast, our 10 piece set simplifies the process of routing and managing wires.


🔧 VARIETY OF TOOLS: The kit includes 1 x flexi extender, 1 x ring end for pushing, and 1 x hook end for pulling, ensuring you have the right tool for various cable installation and maintenance scenarios.


🔧 10 REINFORCED RODS: You'll receive 10 durable 300mm (11in) reinforced polyester rods, providing ample length to navigate through hard-to-reach spaces. These rods are built to withstand the rigors of cable management tasks.


🔧 CONVENIENT STORAGE: The entire kit is neatly organized in a handy plastic tube, making it easy to store and transport. Keep your cable access tools in one place, ready for your next project.


Whether you're routing cables in your home, office, or commercial space, this cable access kit is an invaluable addition to your toolkit. It's suitable for a wide range of applications, from running Ethernet and coaxial cables to managing electrical wires.


Don't let cable installations and maintenance become a hassle. Invest in our 10 Piece 300mm Cable Access Kit and simplify your cable management tasks. Order today and experience the convenience of professional-grade tools at your fingertips.

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