Collection: Pre Made Leads

Looking for professional grade coax extension leads and cables?

Look no further than our selection of professional options. We offer a wide range of cables, from high-quality Coax extension cables for Sky and Virgin Customers to hdmi and networking leads.

We offer the perfect solution for extending your sky satellite cable,  aerial coax leads and ethernet leads, we also offer a range of high quality HDMI and networking cables.

Our cables are of the highest quality and are the exact same spec as used by industry standard installers, ensuring a reliable and professional installation.

Our cable solutions are compatible with Sky Q, Sky+HD, Freesat, Freeview, Virgin Media and networking within your house. You can choose from a variety of lengths to suit your needs and all our cables are fully tested and approved.

The pre-made leads come with professional connectors pre-fitted on either side for easy installation. The connectors are of the highest quality and are designed to ensure no loss of signal, picture, or sound.

Don't settle for inferior products, choose our professional-grade pre-made leads for your satellite, aerial, Ethernet, and HDMI needs. We offer a variety of cable solutions that are sure to meet your requirements and provide a seamless and high-quality installation.
No need to call expensive engineers, our leads are simple to install and are perfect for diy or professional use.

Unsure what you need? Simply drop us a message and we can help.

Upgrade or extend your TV Satellite Aerial cables today with our pre-made leads.